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    Speed Wins Races. Now you can Learn Fast...at your own pace, on-line!

    Here's what you'll get:

    - A full 6 hour TRIM Seminar with North U Director Bill Gladstone.
    Bill Gladstone - Author of the North U Books and Discs© Bill Gladstone- On-Demand viewing.  Log on at any time. Come and go as you please.
    - The ability to stop, start, return, and review the course on-line at your leisure for 90 days.  You can also download the sessions for viewing off-line.
    - Option to add the North U Trim book ($20) and/  or Trim Disc ($25) to your enrollment - Saving you $5 and $15 each!

    North U. Racing TRIM Webinar

    When you register for the North U Racing Trim Webinar you'll receive log-in information and a link to the recorded webinar sessions by email.  You can then log-in to view the webinar from your computer. You can use headphones or built in sound to hear the voice-over.

    The course is divided into Six sessions of about 1-hour each:  Three for upwind trim, and three for downwind trim.  A full outline follows below.

    Race and Win

    Bicycles, bobsleds, sailboats. No matter what you race, you've got to be fast to win. If it's sailboats you race, then the North U Trim Webinar is for you. North U Trim Webinars teach the latest in racing skills with an emphasis on practical, proven, real world techniques that will help you win.

    Championship Performance

    You will learn the fundamentals of upwind performance, plus advanced techniques that balance angle of attack, sail depth, and twist in both the main and jib in order to optimize speed and pointing in all conditions. Through animated graphics, photos, and video you will see how the champions do it.

    In addition, the course covers the latest in spinnaker trim and control for both conventional and asymmetric spinnakers.

    There's More...

    But that is not all! The course also teaches proven boat handling methods that put you in control. You'll see how to set, jibe, and douse all types of spinnakers in all kinds of weather. You will leave with the tools to make your boat handling second nature, and your boat speed second to none.
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    © Bill Gladstone

    North U Trim book

    Written by Bill Gladstone, the North U Trim Book covers every facet of sail trim, boat speed, and boat handling. It is the compliment to the acclaimed Performance Racing Tactics. The new sixth edition includes over 200 information packed pages. Sections on Trim Solutions solve the most baffling problems in performance, while the boat handling sections show how you can turn your crew into a cohesive team. Excerpts have appeared in SAIL, Sailing World, and Yachting.  When purchased with the webinar you'll save $5 on your book purchase.

    North U Trim Disc

    Our revised Trim Disc shows sail trim and boat handling in full motion. The Trim Disc includes full motion animation, photos, and new video segments. You'll see how changes in trim change performance, and learn the latest in boat handling. We use the TRIM Disc to teach the webinar. (Overall the webinar covers about 1/3 of the TRIM Disc material.)
    When purchased with the webinar you'll save $15 on your Disc purchase.

    Top Instructors

    Not every great sailor is a good teacher. Our Webinar leader is North U. Director Bill Gladstone. He wrote the book (and programmed the Disc). The focus is on your sailing, not sea stories. Webinar views are invited to send in questions... you'll get answers.


    On-Demand Trim Webinars are $109.

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    Class Outline

    • The Racing Pyramid
    • Performance Analysis
    Upwind Boat Handling
    • Tacking in all conditions
    • Proper Ducks and Lee-Bows
    Upwind Sail Trim
    • Theory in Brief
    • Sail Shape/ Sail Trim
    • Genoa Trim
    • Mainsail Trim
    • Helmsmanship
    • Total Power Trim
    • Trim, Speed, Balance
    • Trim Solutions
    Downwind Boat Handling
    • Spinnaker Sets
    • Spinnaker Douses
    • Spinnaker Jibes
    • Asymmetric Spinnaker Handling
    Downwind Trim
    • Initial Spinnaker Trim
    • Reaching Trim
    • Running Trim
    • Asymmetric Spinnaker Trim
    • A Tactical Wizard
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