Host a Seminar!

Host a seminar at your Club today!

Your club can host a North U Seminar. You can choose either a full day or evening program. The program can focus on Boat Speed and Sail Trim or Tactics, Strategy and Rules, or you can offer a hybrid Tour course with a mixture of topics.

Why Host a North U Seminar?

Seminars get your sailors excited about their sailing and racing. The more they learn, the better they sail and the more they enjoy their sailing. Beyond their educational value, our programs provide a welcome opportunity for your members (and prospective members) to get together during the off-season.

Why North U?

North U has been the leader in sailing seminars since 1980. Our courses offer the latest in sailing and racing techniques in an engaging interactive format that make the course fun and effective. North U Seminars feature great instructors – expert sailors with years of teaching experience. The seminar is about your sailing, not their sea stories.

There are two ways to host a North U Seminar.

During our “Seminar Season,” which runs from February – May, North U seeks to find local hosts where we can offer our full day seminars which run from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  The process begins after Labor Day to find hosts for our upcoming season. If you or your Club is interested in hosting a seminar, please contact us at North U. For 2018, we will be offering our Sail Trim and Boat Speed course. North U assumes all the risk.

The second option is to host a seminar at your Club for a Flat Fee. You, as the host, determine the tuition and handle registration. We provide you with the seminar leader and course and we charge you a flat fee, plus expenses. Click here for more information.


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