North U Tactician App

Stores and analyzes manually entered close-hauled course data to help you spot trends in conditions.  Based upon sailing data you enter, the Tactician App shows the wind strip chart over time to help you anticipate what’s next… That’s it.

Features and Benefits

  • Store port and starboard, upwind and downwind headings. Head-to-wind shots, too.
  • Clean, clear note-taking. Easy to read and scrollable history. No scribbled rows on a page in a notepad; no scrawled columns on a course board; no grease pencil on gelcoat.
  • Automatic time-stamp reduces record keeping burden and increases accuracy. Wind readings are plotted with even time intervals.
  • Graphical plot of the wind direction makes it easy to identify oscillations or persistent shifts.
  • Use the suggested median headings, or fine tune them. No relying on memory once the medians are set.
  • Get instant feedback on how you are doing–headed or lifted, and by how much.
  • Revise medians to follow trends in the wind with a tap.
  • All the angles and calculations are worked out for you. Why do the math in your head? Opposite tack heading helps you with layline calls. Line of equality bearings tells you if you can cross the competition.
  • Keep track of max lifted and max headed numbers on port and starboard with accuracy. No flipping back in your notes.
  • Move up the baseline time to take into account major wind-shifts.
  • Be alerted to important events and developments, like a new all-time high or all-time low on a tack, or returning to median.
  • Work out tacking angles based on the conditions, but modify them on the fly for lulls and gusts.
  • Make corrections to any past data point, so an errant tap does not throw off the tactical picture.
  • Flag legs of the race for easy visual reference.

Get North U Tactician Free at the App Store.

See examples of Tactician in action: Link to Screenshots and Examples.