You can spend a lifetime learning to be a better sailor. Accelerate the process with North U.

Stop Guessing. Racing presents a vast array of questions. We answer all your questions.

Every racing team has untapped potential just waiting to be realized, and there’s no faster way to tap into it than with North U On-board Training. We can help you improve every facet of your racing, including rig tuning, boat-handling. upwind sail trim, spinnaker handling. helming, tactics, and more!

North U. coaches are successful racers with years of teaching experience (a rare combination) working exclusively with you and your crew (a unique opportunity) aboard your boat (can you think of a better place?) Over the last 25 years we’ve developed proven training techniques for rapid improvement in your boat handling, boat speed and tactics.

North U Coaches: More than just champion sailors; great sailors with years of teaching experience.

North U. Onboard Training will not only improve your boat-handling, sail trim, and seamanship, it will also build the confidence required to make smart, safe decisions in all kinds of conditions. Our cruising coaches have the knowledge and experience to answer your questions on:

  • Rig tuning
  • Reefing
  • Sail trim
  • Docking
  • Upgrading
  • Heavy weather sailing
  • Safety procedure and more…

Our modular course design allows us to create a program tailored to your needs and your goals. Safe, confident cruising requires a broad mix of boat-handling, navigation, and seamanships skills. Our program provides hands-on training to fill in the gaps and take your sailing to the next level. We’ll go over your boat and gear from stem to stern, answer all your questions and provide training in every facet of cruising. Our regional staffing puts expert instruction within your reach… all you have to do is reach for the phone.

Learn More, Faster

Racing and Cruising require a wide range of skills. With North U. onboard training, we’ll help you learn the skills you need to achieve your sailing goals. To get started either complete the sailing profile or call us at 203-245-0727 so we can learn about you, your sailing, your boat, your objectives. Next, we custom design a training program. Finally, we join you and your crew aboard your boat. You’ll learn more, you’ll learn fast, and you’ll have fun. There is no better way to raise your sailing skills to the next level.

You can spend a lifetime learning to be a better sailor.
We are here to accelerate the process.


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