Learn the Racing Rules 2020 Group Plan


Your Club, Fleet, or Group can share a group license for the Learn the Racing Rules 2020. 

With a group purchase you will not have immediate access to the program.  We will have to set up your group and email your group log-in credentials.

Minimum order: 10



Your Club, Fleet, or Group can share a group license for the Learn the Racing Rules 2020.  The cost of a Group License is $25/ user.  You can select any number of users – minimum 10 – and add users in batches of 10 or more.

Your group will have its own log-in portal and each user will be able to establish there own User ID and Password.

You can track the progress of your users through the program.  Some clubs require sailors to complete the Rules program before they are allowed to charter and race club boats.

The Group License includes full access to the entire Learn the Racing Rules 2020 program

Learn the Racing Rules 2020 is a complete training course on the Racing Rules of Sailing.  This web-based program provides in-depth training on the Rules of Part II – When Boats Meet – with a combination of 3d animations, videos, photos, and diagrams.

Presented by David Dellenbaugh – US Sailing Rules Committee past Chair, America’s Cup and multi-class champion – the program will help you know your rights and obligations in every situation.  With 6 modules, you’ll learn to recognize rules situations and underlying tactical opportunities at starts, finishes, mark roundings, and on the open course.

LTRR 2020 – Contents
Module 1: Right of Way Rules
Module 2: General Limitations
Module 3: Mark-Room
Module 4: Room to Pass an Obstruction
Module 5: Room to Tack at an Obstruction
Module 6: Exoneration and Penalties

Course ingredients
• 2.5 hours of training about the right-of-way rules
• Explanation of common racing situations
• 3-D animation throughout
• Lots of live sailing demonstrations
• Text of all rules discussed
• Covers all applicable definitions
• ‘Knowledge checks’ and ‘Assessment tests’ to measure learning
• Personalized username and password

Viewable on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone (free TalentLMS App preferred for tablet and phone viewing), Learn the Racing Rules 2020 includes self directed knowledge checks and tests so you can be sure you understand and can apply what you’ve learned.

Your Group License  is good for the calendar year.

You can purchase your license on line or if you prefer to be invoiced, contact us to make arrangements.

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To contact us about a group, fleet, or club license:

Call North U:  203 245-0727

or email: Fran.Wainer@NorthU.com