St. Thomas, USVI January 31-February 4


Please come to St. Thomas!
The message from the Sailing Center and resorts is consistent:  “The storms are gone. The lasting damage would be if people don’t visit. We can’t wait to welcome you.  Please come to St. Thomas.”

Join us for the North U Mid-Winter Racing Clinic at the St. Thomas Sailing Center in the U.S. Virgin Islands in early February. The clinic starts with a welcome party on a Wednesday evening, January 31st and runs through Sunday, the 4th. You’ll enjoy the experience of having a coach on board helping you master all facets of racing trim, helming, boat handling and tactics utilizing IC-24s. Four full days of racing instruction, combining on-the-water training and races, shoreside seminars and video review.

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Date: 01/31/2018 6:00:00 PM

What you will learn:

The North U St. Thomas Racing Clinic teaches refined techniques to transform you from a racer into a winner.  Every sailor has strengths and weaknesses in their skill set.  We’ll improve areas of weakness and build on your strengths to send you home a better, more versatile racer.  By having your coach on board we are able to focus on your particular skill set.

A Coach on Every Boat
Using a one design fleet of eight IC-24s with a coach aboard each boat, each sailor will get close personal attention over 4 full days of sailing.

The IC-24
The IC-24 is a comfortable, responsive, stable racing boat.  Built from a modified J24, the IC-24 features a large open cockpit with plenty of room for each crew member to do their job.

Sailing, Seminars, Video
We’ll be sailing 6 hours each day with a midday seminar and lunch break. Each day concludes with a video review following the afternoon sailing session.

Lunches, Dinner
Lunches are included, as is dinner at the St Thomas YC on Thursday evening.

The program will be lead by North U Director Bill Gladstone.

Full Schedule and Program:

Wednesday evening, January 31 
6:00-7:30 pm: Check in & Welcome Party at St Thomas Yacht Club

Thursday February 1
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session I
Boat Handling and Sail Trim
Trim and Sail Controls, Tacking
Windward/ Leeward Loops
Upwind and downwind boat handling and sail trim.

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch 
Upwind Trim: Angle of Attack/ Depth/ Twist
Spinnaker Trim and Handling
Starting Strategy and Tactics

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session II
Spinnaker Trim and Handling
Windward/ Leeward course for spinnaker practice
Continued work on upwind trim and performance

5:00-6:00: Video Debrief

7:00-9:00: St Thomas YC buffet

Friday February 2
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session III

Starting Drills & Practice
– Series of rolling starts with sprint to ladder rung.
– Positioning, Control, Acceleration and Lane-Holding Drills

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch
Starting Strategy and Tactics – cont.
Spinnaker Trim and Handling – cont.

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session IV
Races with Practice Starts
Two rolling starts leading into a race.

5:00-6:00: Video Debrief

Saturday February 3
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session V

Races with Practice Starts
Two rolling starts leading into a race.

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch
Upwind and Downwind Strategy & Tactics
Buoy Racing/ Pt to Pt Racing

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session VI
Races with Practice Starts
Windward Leeward Races
Open Water/ Pt to Pt Races

5:00-6:00: Video Debrief: 

Sunday  February 4
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session VII

Races with Practice Starts

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch
Rules, Tactics, Regatta Prep.

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session VIII
Keep score!  Coaching between races…

5:00-6:00: De-Brief and Prize Giving

Enrollment is limited.

Enroll online or call Fran Wainer or Bill Gladstone at North U to sign up:
203 245-0727

Fee: $1850/ person
Register Now.

Mid-Winter Clinic Registration (Jan 31–Feb 4)

Questions? Contact Us:
203 245-0727

Travel & Lodging Information :

Plan your arrival for Wednesday, January 31.
The clinic starts with an opening welcome session that evening.
The clinic concludes on Sunday evening, the 4th.
Plan your departure for Monday, February 5…
Or arrive early and stay forever!
Your 30 day Club Membership allows you access to the boats on weekdays.

A variety of accommodations are available.
One option is (Vacation Rental By Owner) at the Anchorage condos or other condos near the St Thomas Yacht Club (6224 Yacht Club Rd, St Thomas USVI).

Most (but not all) resorts are re-opened in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.  There are also a number of condos, villas, and homes for rent in the (east end) area.  Contact us and we’ll send you our latest updates, as more options come on-line each week.  Send to:  Subject: St Thomas accommodations. 

Enrollment is limited.

Fee: $1850/ person
Register Now.

Mid-Winter Clinic Registration (Jan 31–Feb 4)

Questions? Contact Us:
203 245-0727

Registration Ends: 01/30/2018 6:00:00 PM

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Event Details

Start date: January 31, 2018

End date: February 05, 2018

Venue: St Thomas

Coordinates: 18.315846, -64.845761