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We hope to offer…
The North U Mid-Winter Racing Clinic
Wednesday, March 10th through Sunday, March 14th

Join us for the 6th annual North U Mid-Winter Racing Clinic at the St. Thomas Sailing Center in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  The clinic starts Wednesday, March 10th and runs through Sunday, March 14th. You’ll enjoy the experience of having a coach on board helping you master all facets of racing trim, helming, spinnaker handling, and tactics utilizing IC-24s. Five days of racing instruction on every facet of racing, through a combination of on-the-water training and races, shoreside seminars and video review.

North U Risk Free Pre-Registration

See our “COVID Consideration” Below



COVID Considerations
We hope circumstances allow us to offer The North U. St. Thomas Mid-Winter Racing Clinic.
We have pushed back the dates to March from February.
We will have in place a protocol (evolving…will involve testing) to assure the health of all involved.
At North U we offer Risk Free Pre-Registration
There’s a chance we will not be able to run the clinic.
There’s also a chance that we’ll be able to run it but that you will be unable to attend or that you will decide it is not a good idea.
If we cancel or postpone OR if you decide, for whatever reason, not to attend, you will be entitled to a FULL Refund of your deposit or pre-payment until at least the end of December 2020.
We will contact and confirm each registration before final processing.
(Alas we cannot speak for the airlines or any accommodations deposits or payments.)
That’s what we mean by North U Risk Free Pre-Registration

The North U. St. Thomas Mid-Winter Racing Clinic, Wednesday, March 10 through Sunday, March 14th, teaches refined techniques to transform you from a racer into a winner.  Sailboat racing draws upon a broad mix of skills. We’ll improve your skills in every facet of racing trim, tactics, boat handling, and driving;  and send you home a better, more versatile racer.  By having your coach on board we are able to focus on your particular skill set.

Racing through the USVI (click to enlarge)

A Coach on Every Boat
Using a one design fleet of ten IC-24s with a coach aboard each boat, each sailor gets close personal attention for the 5 full days of sailing.

The IC-24
The IC-24 is a comfortable, responsive, stable racing boat.  Built from a modified J24, the IC-24 features a large open cockpit with plenty of room for each crew member to do their job.

Sailing, Seminars, Video
The Clinic is 5 Full Days! We’ll be sailing 6 hours each day with a midday seminar and lunch break. Each day concludes with a video review following the afternoon sailing session.

Lunches, Dinner
Lunches are included, as is dinner at the St Thomas YC on Thursday evening.

Water, Air, Wind
Did we mention the 78°f water temp. or the 82°f air, or the 8-12 knot winds? This is a sailing paradise.

Bring your team or come alone
Sign Up as a crew of 4 and we’ll turn you into a team; or sign up alone and we’ll team you up with other sailors.

A Full 5 Day Clinic
At North U we believe racing success is built of on a pyramid of boat handling, boat speed, and tactics. At our clinics we work our way up the pyramid building a solid foundation on our way to the top. The clinic starts with a full day of training in crew work, spinnaker handling, helming, and upwind trim. From there we move on to racing trim with a focus on the teamwork required to optimize performance. Next we build racing skills, with a big emphasis on starting. Through the clinic we build on existing skills and add new skills through a series of drills and races. We cover every facet of racing and combine hands-on on-the-water experience with shoreside seminars and video review.

The program will be lead by North U Director Bill Gladstone.

Read all about it… Click here to read an article by 2018 Clinic sailor Karl Westman that appeared in Sailing Magazine.

Upwind Trim Drills (click to enlarge)

Full Schedule and Program:

Wednesday, March 10
8:00-9:00 Check In / Sign In / Boat Draw

9:00-12:00 Sailing Session:
Trim, Boat Handling, Crew Org.

12:00-1:30: Class Session with lunch
Upwind Trim: Angle of Attack/ Depth/ Twist
Spinnaker Trim and Handling
1:30-4:30 Sailing Session:
Boat Handling and Sail Trim
Trim and Sail Controls, Tacking
Windward/ Leeward Loops
Upwind and downwind boat handling and sail trim.
Wednesday Evening
6:00-7:30 pm: Welcome Party
Welcome Party at St Thomas Yacht Club

Thursday March 11
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session
Spinnaker Trim and Handling
Windward/ Leeward course for spinnaker practice
Continued work on upwind trim and performance

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch 
Starting Strategy and Tactics

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session
Starting Drills & Practice
Series of rolling starts with sprint to ladder rung.
Positioning, Control, Acceleration and Lane-Holding Drills

5:00-6:00: Video Debrief

7:00-9:00: St Thomas YC buffet

Friday March 12
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session

Starting Drills & Practice
Races with Practice Starts
Spinnaker Trim and Handling Drills

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch
Starting Strategy and Tactics – cont.
Spinnaker Trim and Handling – cont.

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session
Races with Practice Starts
Two rolling starts leading into a race.

5:00-6:00: Video Debrief

IC-24 Racing (click to enlarge)

Saturday March 13
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session

Races with Practice Starts
Two rolling starts leading into a race.

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch
Upwind and Downwind Strategy & Tactics
Buoy Racing/ Pt to Pt Racing

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session
Races with Practice Starts
Windward Leeward Races
Open Water/ Pt to Pt Races

5:00-6:00: Video Debrief: 

Sunday  March 14
8:00-11:00: Sailing Session

Races with Practice Starts
Keep score!  Coaching between races…

11:30-1:00: Class Session with lunch
Rules, Tactics, Morning Video

1:30-4:30: Sailing Session VIII
Races with Practice Starts
Keep score!  Coaching between races…

5:00-6:00: De-Brief and Prize Giving

Enrollment is limited.

Enroll online or call Bill Gladstone at North U to sign up:
203 245-0727

Clinic Fee: $2190/ person
5 Full Days
Save $400 more: Sign up as a crew of 4 and save $100/ person.
Fee: $2090/ person for a crew of 4

Pre-Register Now Risk Free: $500/ person Deposit fully refundable until December 31, 2020.

Mid-Winter Clinic Registration (March 10-14)

What’s Included
– Five full days of sailing including on the water training with a coach on board.
– Class sessions and video review
– 5 days of lunches
– Dinner on Thursday evening
* subject to change

What’s NOT Included
– Travel
– Accommodations
– Other meals

– Strong sailing skills and some racing experience.
– Ability/ Agility to sail on an active 24 foot boat.

Questions? Contact Us:
203 245-0727

Air 82° Water 78° Wind 10 knots (click to enlarge)

Travel & Lodging Information :

Plan your arrival for Tuesday, March 9.
The clinic starts at 8am Wednesday morning!
The clinic concludes on Sunday evening, the 14th.
Plan your departure for Monday, march 15…
Or arrive early and stay forever!
Your 30 day Club Membership allows you access to the boats on weekdays.

A variety of accommodations are available.
One option is (Vacation Rental By Owner) at the Anchorage condos or other condos near the St Thomas Yacht Club (6224 Yacht Club Rd, St Thomas USVI).

In addition to resort hotels there are a number of condos, villas, and homes for rent in the (east end) area.  We can send you our latest accommodations listings and notes.  Email a request to:  Subject: St Thomas accommodations.

If you’re signing up alone and want to consider sharing a two bedroom condo with another sailor let us know and we can put you in touch with other sailors in the same boat… I mean situation.

Enrollment is limited.

Clinic Fee: $2190/ person
$2190/person — 5 Full Days.
Save $400: Sign up as a crew of 4 and save $100/ person.
Risk Free Deposit to hold your place: $500/ person fully refundable until December 31, 2020. 

Mid-Winter Clinic Registration (March 10-14)

Questions? Contact Us:
203 245-0727

Email to Bill Gladstone

Event Details

Start date: March 10, 2021

End date: February 14, 2021

Venue: St Thomas

Coordinates: 18.315846, -64.845761