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Tactics Seminar Long Beach

Tactics Seminar Long Beach

It takes more than great boat speed to win races.
You need strong tactics and great boat speed. At a North U Tactics Seminar you’ll learn the essentials of Racing Strategy, Tactics, and Rules.

– Long Beach Yacht Club
– Saturday, January 29, 2022
– A day-long course lead by Andrew Kerr
– Starting Tactics to get a good start every time
– Upwind Tactics to hit the shifts and sail in clear air
– Downwind Tactics for spinnaker and non-spinnaker racing
– Mark Rounding and Finishing Tactics

Vaccine Card or <24 hr antigen or <48 hr PCR Negative Test REQUIRED for entry.
Masks are REQUIRED.

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It takes more than great boat speed to win races.
Success requires strong tactics and great boat speed. At a North U Tactics Seminar you’ll learn the essentials of Racing Strategy, Tactics, and Rules.

Racing Tactics Seminar:
– Long Beach Yacht Club
– Saturday, January 29, 2022
– Check in at 8:30 | Seminar runs 9am – 4pm.
– The latest in racing strategy, tactics, and rules.
– Strategic planning for wind, wind shifts, and current.
– Tactics to keep you in control.
– Rules so you know your rights and obligations.
– With North U Seminar Leader Andrew Kerr

Championship Tactics
Sailboat racing is complicated. Successful racing requires strategic planning, strong tactics, and a clear understanding of the rules (plus competitive boat speed). The North U Tactics Seminar provides a framework to help make sense of the complex playing field on which we compete. We’ll help you and your team understand where to focus your attention to make the best decisions in an uncertain setting.

Seminar Topics
Starting Strategy & Tactics
Starts can be chaos. We provide a structure to help you make order out of the frenzy so you’ll get consistently good starts: at speed, on time, near the favored end, going the right way. In Starting Strategy you’ll learn how to decide where on the line to start and understand the advantages and disadvantages of the full array of Starting Approaches.
In Starting Tactics we teach how to execute your approach, how to create and defend your space, and how to get off the line with speed. As part of tactics we’ll explore the rules at starts. We’ll also share a collection of techniques for better down-speed boat handling and acceleration that make the tactics work.

Upwind Strategy & Tactics
You will learn the fundamentals of Upwind Strategy and how to predict and then take advantage of changing winds and wind shifts. We’ll also explore how to respond (on that rare occasion…) when you’re unsure of what the wind will do next. You’ll learn (surprising insights on) how to position yourself to take advantage of current. You’ll see the impact of wind shifts and how your positioning versus rivals can create opportunities to gain while minimizing potential losses. You’ll learn tactical positioning across the fleet, and how to attack and defend in one-on-one battles. You’ll see how the rules impact tactics and understand the risk/ reward ratios of tactical and strategic choices. You’ll also learn how to balance strategic and tactical considerations and how that balance changes up the beat and through the race. And hey, we’re not always in the lead: At North U we teach you how to catch up as well as how to stay ahead.

Downwind Strategy & Tactics
We turn downwind and explore reaching and running strategy and tactics. In the reaching segment you’ll learn proper strategy in various wind, wind shift, and current scenarios; and the tactical challenges of implementing strategy. We explore the tactical considerations of inside vs outside reaches as well as special considerations in mixed fleet and multiple fleet racing.
Then we explore Running Strategy and Tactics. We’ll show parallels to and critical differences from Upwind Strategy and Tactics. We’ll examine the dynamic changes to the size of our “playing field” and how to predict and take advantage of changing winds and wind shifts so you don’t end up “out of bounds.” We’ll learn nuanced techniques for finding elusive downwind wind shifts and also how to respond when you’re unsure of what the wind will do next. We’ll also explore (surprising insights on) how to position yourself to take advantage of current.
We also examine the tactical differences in Jib and Main racing as compared to racing under spinnaker.

Mark Rounding & Finishing Tactics & Rules
The North U Tactics Seminar includes a review of the Right of Way Rules, Limiting Rules, and Mark Room Rules. From there we’ll apply the rules and explore in detail the rights, obligations, and tactics of windward and leeward mark and gate roundings as well as upwind and downiwnd finishing tactics and rules.
You’ll understand all the options for fast windward mark approaches, leeward mark and leeward gate tactics, and essential mark room and finishing rules.
This segment will include a variety of common scenarios and explore the rights and obligations of each boat as the situations evolve. You’ll leave with an understanding of the rules and the rationale behind them that will allow you to quickly assess any situation.

Performance Racing Tactics Book
Written by Bill Gladstone, the North U Performance Racing Tactics Book takes you all the way around the course.
The seventh edition covers tactics, rules, weather, and strategy in 180 information-packed pages. The fast moving, easy to follow format is accessible to all readers. Rules are covered the way you use them – (ie upwind rules as part of upwind tactics). The content offers complete information for neophytes and insights which grab the attention of the saltiest dog. Quizzes and skill building sections show how to develop a race winning approach.

An essential part of any racing sailors library, you’ll want to add the Performance Racing Tactics to your registration.

Andrew Kerr
A veteran North U Seminar Leader, Andrew combines outstanding teaching skills with practical real-world insights derived from his championship experience as both skipper and crew. Andrew is a winner at every level – from dinghies to small and large keelboats, round-the-buoys and over distance, in local, national, and world championships. His racing prowess combined with his easy approachable teaching style have earned him renown as a seminar leader.

Tactics Course Topic Outline
Starting Strategy, Tactics, and Rules

  • Intro: Strategy & Tactics
  • Get Ready to Race
  • Starting Strategy</strong
  • Where to Start
  • Approaches
  • Starting Tactics
  • Time/ Speed/ Distance
  • Positioning for Speed and Control
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Starting Rules


Upwind Strategy & Tactics

  • Upwind Strategy
  • Wind, Wind Shifts, and Current
  • Wind
  • Wind Shifts
  • Wind Shifts: None, one, many
  • Current
  • Upwind Tactics
  • Impacts of Shifts
  • Positioning for Shifts
  • Catching Up
  • Staying Ahead
  • Lead to the Shift
  • Lead to the Middle
  • Attack! Defend!

Downwind Strategy & Tactics

  • Reaching Strategy & Tactics
  • Wind
  • Wind Shifts
  • Current
  • Its Just Tactics
  • Tight vs Broad
  • Outside vs Inside Reaches
  • Defend Your Air
  • Rule of Halves
  • Passing Lane?
  • Get Passed Lane?
  • Defend the Inside
  • The End Run
  • Reach or Run?
  • Running Strategy & Tactics
  • Wind, Wind, Wind Shifts
  • Find More Wind
  • Wind Shifts
  • Jibe on the Lifts
  • Find the Shifts
  • Current
  • Lead to the wind
  • Lead to the middle
  • Attack! Defend!

Rules, Mark Roundings, Finishing

    • Right of Way Rules
    • Limiting Rules
    • Mark Room Rules
    • Windward Marks
    • Finishing Upwind
    • Leeward Marks & Gates
    • Finishing Downwind
    • Conclusion: Priorities in a complex endeavor

Event Details

Start date: January 29, 2022

End date: January 29, 2022

Start time: 09:00 a.m.

End time: 04:00 p.m.

Venue: Long Beach Yacht Club

Directions: 6201 Appian Way, Long Beach, CA 90803

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