Regatta Experience

Race a Flying Tiger 7.5
2019 Regatta Experience
Helly Hansen St Pete NOOD 2019
Bacardi Miami Sailing Week 2019
Charleston Race Week 2019

Hosted by North U & National One Design Sailing Academy

National One Design Sailing Academy and North U have joined forces for a third season of the North U Regatta Experience where you race in a One-Design Fleet of 10 Flying Tiger 7.5s at select events.

Your Regatta Experience Charter includes:
• A Flying Tiger 7.5 with square-top main and masthead asymmetric spinnaker
• A Two Day Clinic Prior to the Regatta
• A North U Coach On Board for Both the Clinic & Regatta
• Regatta Entry Fee
• A One-Design Start During the Regatta
• Daily Debriefs

Events (why limit yourself to only one?)

Helly Hansen St Pete NOOD February, 2019
Bacardi Miami Sailing Week March,  2019
Charleston Race Week, April, 2019

The North U Regatta Experience combines training in racing the high performance Flying Tiger 7.5 with coaching in every facet of regatta success: Strategic planning, tactical positioning, starting, boat speed, trim, helming, boat handling: Everything.

Clinic Time
Through a combination of open water sailing, solo and group drills, practice starts, short course and full course races, dock demos, seminars and video review we make the most of the two days prior to the regatta to get your team up to full speed. Then we go racing.

The Regatta
With our own One-Design start we’ll be racing head-to-head with (and against… grrrr) the other 9 Flying Tiger 7.5 teams!! Your coach will be on board providing training in real time. We’ll also have our video team on the water compiling footage for each day’s debrief. In-competition coaching provides insights and training you can’t get in a pure clinic setting.

The Flying Tiger 7.5
Raced with a crew of five, the Flying Tiger 7.5 is a fast, comfortable, responsive, stable 25 foot sport boat featuring a square-top main and large masthead asymmetric spinnaker. These boats are fast and fun.  See some video here…

North U
North U has been turning sailors into racers and racers into winners since 1980. Whatever your level, we can raise your game.
Sailboat racing is a complex endeavor: Trim, tactics, boat speed, helming, rules, sets, jibes, douses, windshifts, current, waves, chop, weight placement, downwind angles, rig tuning, wind shadows, starting, heavy air, light air …. Each of us has strengths and weaknesses.
Let us help you build on your strengths and improve in areas of weakness to become a better, more versatile racer.
Bring your questions. Leave with skills.

North U Coaches combine championship racing skills with years of coaching experience. With just five sailors plus a coach aboard each boat you’ll get close personal attention. Just to be clear: The coaches will NOT be sailing the boats. You and your team do all the sailing.

Fees ($US)
Price for full 5 days: Includes boat, clinic, regatta, and coach
St Pete  $1500/ person or $6600/crew of 5
Miami  $1500/ person or $6600/crew of 5
Charleston  $1500/ person or $6600/crew of 5

To Sign Up
You can sign up as a full crew of 5, group or 2, 3 or 4, or as an individual.
Space is limited to 10 boats and 50 sailors.

OR visit

email: to get full info on dates and accommodations packages.

Or Call:
North U: 203 245-0727

Your Regatta Experience Charter includes
Fully Equipped Flying Tiger 7.5
A Two Day Clinic Prior to the Regatta
A North U Coach On Board for both the Clinic & Regatta
Regatta Entry Fee
A One-Design Start During the Regatta
Daily Debriefs

What’s NOT included
Travel, Accommodations, Meals, Personal Gear (bring your PFD).

Enrollment is limited. 
More Info and Registration through National One Design Sailing Academy.

North U – Learn More.