UpWind Sail Trim Simulator

Driven by the North Sails Design Suite, the North U Sail Trim Simulator lets you explore proper upwind trim with the full range of sail controls.  Matched to specific boat designs, the Simulator provides control over main and jib trim, including mainsheet, backstay, traveler, cunningham, jib sheet, jib lead, and jib halyard  as well as the helm, and allows you to set the wind speed and vary the sea state to explore how optimum trim changes with conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Test and optimize upwind sail trim with a full array of controls.
  • Hey – this is complex.  Main, Jib, Helm.  All these controls.  Which ones matter?
  • See the impact of mainsheet, traveler, backstay and cunningham on mainsail shape and boat performance.
  • See how changes in jib sheet, jib lead, halyard and backstay impact shape and performance.
  • Get instant feedback on how you are doing–with full performance data, including boat speed, wind angle, VMG, heel, and weather helm.
  • Get shape data on camber, draft position and twist at 3 heights in the main and jib
  • 8 stock views.
  • Full 3d view control – pan, zoom to view from any perspective
  • Change Wind Speed and re-trim.
  • [Change Sea State – normal, wavy, smooth – feature in beta – not on this release]
  • Use the Magic Wand to find optimum trim.
  • Download user guide from our downloads page.
  • Available in IOS, Android and PC/Mac versions:

Get North U Sail Trim Simulator (IOS) at the App Store.

Get North U Sail Trim Simulator (Android) at the Play Store.

Download the PC/Mac desktop/laptop version from our downloads page.


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