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  • Books & Media

    On paper or on your device, in words, graphics, animations, and video. You can take it all with you and study the topic of your choice at your own pace. Visit our online store.

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  • Courses

    Learn the Racing Rules 2017-2020 is a complete training course on the Racing Rules of Sailing. This web-based program provided in-depth training on the Rules of Part II – When Boats Meet with a combination of 3d animations, videos, photos, and diagrams.

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  • On Demand

    North U On-Demand seminars are full courses that you can take on your own schedule. You’ll be able to play, replay, review, and revisit for months.  

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  • Get the App

    Driven by the North Sails Design Suite, the Simulator lets you explore proper trim with the full range of sail controls.  Matched to specific boat designs, the Simulator includes control over main and jib trim and controls as well as the helm, and allows you to set the wind speed and vary the sea state to explore how optimum trim changes with conditions.

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  • On-board Training

    Every racing team has untapped potential just waiting to be realized, and there’s no faster way to tap into it than with North U On-board Training. We can help you improve every facet of your racing, including rig tuning, boat-handling. upwind sail trim, spinnaker handling. helming, tactics, and more!

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